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If someone had told us we would someday become entrepreneurs that would own a global online franchise, travel around the would, training and mentors other entrepreneurs worldwide realize their dreams, We would never had believe them.  When we came to the United States to complete our education, all we wanted was an engineering degree and to work in top fortune 500 companies.   And we did.  However, it was not what we wanted.  We did not feel we had control in our lives.  This was our turning point.  We were looking more time , more money and a means to make money while we sleep.  We were bless to have found  an internet franchise that carries everything we wanted.  Most importantly a means to our time back.  A training system that train us who have no experience in business or entreprenuership.   We bless today with time and financial freedom we have.

Richard, Stephanie and  Our Team

Richard Ng

Former engineer and Traditional Business Owner

Stephanie Ng

Former Engineer and Athlete

Team R&S

A global team that we have worldwide

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